12 Large Gantry Servo Hydraulic Presses

Servo Hydraulic Presses

An automated servo hydraulic presses production line composed of 12 large gantry servo hydraulic presses with specifications of 12000kN, 8000kN and 6300kN are completed on time and customer’s quality target, with our team’s concerted efforts and working hard.

GY2S series gantry fast servo press machine has the advantage of high rigidity for adopting high-quality steel plate welded box-type mechanism and eight-sided full guide rail guidance, high accuracy and good accuracy retention. A servo closed-loop control system composed of servo motor, driver, pressure sensor, displacement sensor and programmable controller, realizing highly intelligent control and owning stronger controllability of the sheet metal forming process. Man-machine interactive operation interface, fine parameter adjustment, simplified operation, and the system can store up to 20 sets of product production process procedures, which greatly improves operation efficiency.

As servo press manufacturer, the series of servo products produced by GuangDuan have been well received since its successful development, trusted by users, and have been exported to North America. The production line is widely used in industries such as air conditioners, 5G chassis, and TV back panels.




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