GUANGDUAN 1250-ton Multi-station Press Production Line

GUANGDUAN 1250-ton Multi-station Press

GUANGDUAN’s successfully delivered 1250-ton multi-station press production line in automobile industry consists of a double-point 1250-ton multi-station press, a sheet material destacking and loading system, an uncoiling and straightening feeding system, a three-axis robot conveying system and a belt discharging system. The double-point 1250-ton multi-station press is designed with a bolster size of 5m * 1.9m, a slide stroke of 700 mm, and a maximum die height of 1.4 meters. The two moving bolsters moving towards front and rear direction are equipped with a one-key die changing system which can effectively improve the production efficiency.

The industrial hydraulic press machine consists of a set of three-in-one servo feeder, a set of double-station sheet material unstacking mechanism, a set of three-dimensional conveying manipulator, a set of tail material micro-feeder and a set of product conveyor belt. The automation system can achieve five different production processes such as unstacking, servo feeding of steel or aluminum sheets plus hydraulic shearing, three-axis transmission and progressive die etc. There is a CMS production management control system to monitor the machine’s running status, parameters, production data and so on in real time to realize intelligent production management and control.

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