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What’s Closed Single Point Forging Press?

The forge press machine is suitable for the stamping and pressure setting process of various metal parts and is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, daily hardware, instrumentation, gas appliances, and other industries.

The closed single-point forging press has a number of advantages: high precision, small deformation, beautiful appearance, good surface quality, and excellent performance. The closed single-point forging press with a high-quality level can not only meet the needs of users at home and abroad but also improve the quality of products and enhance production efficiency.

The body of the forge press machine JH31 series narrow-table closed type single-point manufactured through adopting a monolithic box-type structure (a part of machine models adopts the four-pull level pre-light structure), has high rigidity.

The crankshaft in the type eccentric shaft has a strong bearing capacity and the wet-type clutch has a long service life. The slide block adopts the four-surface full-guideway with high guiding precision and good holding precision.

Closed Type Single Point Forge Press Machine JH31 Series has many advantages:

1. High efficiency: It can produce large quantities with high speed, which makes it suitable for mass production.

2. Low energy consumption: Compared with other forging methods (such as drop forging or cold forging), single-point forging requires less energy and labor force, thus reducing costs greatly.

3. High precision: Single point forging has high accuracy due to its simple structure and stable performance, which enables them to produce parts with high precision specifications such as tolerances within 0.01mm.

What’re The Components Of a Closed Single Point Forging Press?

A closed single-point forging press is a type of machine that can be used to mold metal into a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s made up of several components, including a ram, die, fixed jaw, movable jaw, and drive shaft.

The Ram

The ram is the part of the press that pushes down on the workpiece to create pressure and force it into the desired shape. The ram is usually connected to a hydraulic cylinder that provides the force needed to compress the material being worked on.

The Die

The die is a component of the closed single-point forging press that has been pre-molded and made to fit inside the mold cavity of the machine. When you place your material in between these two parts, they will both form around your item and compress it at high speeds until it takes on its new shape.

Fixed Jaw

The fixed jaw is another component of this machine that holds your material while it’s being compressed into place by other parts of the machine. This part is stationary while everything else moves around it during operation so it remains still while everything else moves around it at high speeds during operation.

How To Use a Closed Single-Point Forging Press?

A closed single-point forging press is a machine tool that is used to produce high-quality parts and components. The single-point forging press is also called the hydraulic press, which uses high pressure to deform metal parts by pressing them onto a die.

Closed single-point forging press

Taking Guangduan Closed Type Single Point Forge Press Machine JH31 Series as an example, the whole machine adopts a combination of PLC and pneumatic control modes and has three-stroke specifications: continuous stroke, single stroke, and micro-motion. The operation can be divided into three main parts: feeding, pressing, and ejecting.

The feeding part includes feeding the blank into the machine, positioning it relative to the die, and clamping it in place so that it cannot move during pressing. The pressing part involves applying pressure to deform the blank into a desired shape using dies. This can be done by either stepping on or stepping off the hammer.

The complete machine has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, and reasonable layout. It can be provided with photoelectric protection so as to achieve security and reliability. Also can be provided with an automatic feeding device and uncoiling leveling device to achieve automated production.

How To Maintain a Closed Single-Point Forging Press?

Maintaining a closed single-point forging press is fairly easy. The key is to keep the machine in good working order by performing routine maintenance on it and replacing worn parts before they become a problem.

The following are some tips for maintaining a closed single-point forging press:

Keep the moving parts lubricated. If you have an oil-lubricated machine, make sure that you use the appropriate type of lubricating oil and that it is changed regularly. If your machine uses grease instead of oil, apply new grease every couple of months.

Clean off any dirt or debris that accumulates on the machine’s moving parts. This will help prevent any jams or other problems that could arise from excessive friction between two surfaces rubbing together.

Keep an eye out for any worn or damaged parts so you can order replacements immediately if necessary. Many companies also sell replacement parts on their websites, so if you need something specific but don’t see it listed on their website they might still be able to help with your particular need.


Hope this Guangduan Closed Type Single Point Forge Press Machine JH31 Series can fit your requirements. The whole body is made of high-quality steel plate with advanced technology. It is equipped with a servo motor with an overload protection device, which can ensure the safety of the equipment’s operation. For more information, please feel free to contact us by email:

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