What You Know About Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine?

automatic hydraulic press machine

How Does an Automatic Hydraulic Press Machine Work? Automatic hydraulic press machines rely on the flow of high-pressure oil through cylinders, which exerts pressure on the tooling. This pressure causes the tooling to move along with the material being cut. Automatic hydraulic press machines such as Y28 Series Four-Column Double Action Hydraulic Press use four … Read more

Best Choice: GuangDuan High-Speed Blanking Press

High-speed blanking press

What is a High-speed Blanking Press? A high-speed blanking press is used in manufacturing plants all over the world because it allows companies to produce more products in less time without sacrificing quality or precision. This type of machine has been around since the 1920s but today’s version has been improved upon over time to make … Read more

High-Speed Stamping Machine Made Form Guangduan

High-speed stamping machine

1. High-Speed Stamping Machine Introduction A high-speed stamping machine is a kind of machine tool for shaping or forming sheet metal or other materials into parts by means of a die. The High-Speed Stamping Machine is a versatile machine, which can be used for many different applications such as coin stamping, badge stamping, phone card … Read more

Definition of a Mechanical Power Press

Definition of mechanical power press

Just what is meant by the term Mechanical Power Press and what is the function of a press? Metal in sheet or coil form is formed, drawn, trimmed, blanked, or pierced between the upper and bottom sides of a press tool called a die to create stamped components. One half is clamped or affixed to … Read more

200-ton Hydraulic Press Machine

200-ton hydraulic press

Hydraulic Press Machines In this article, we will discuss the many types of hydraulic presses like Guangduan Hydraulic Press GY2S Series, how to operate them correctly, and the circumstances in which it would be beneficial to do so. Here is a description of a hydraulic press. The phrase “machine press that exerts compressive force using a hydraulic … Read more

Mechanical Press – How it operates and its uses?

mechanical press

What’s Mechanical Press? What exactly is meant by the term “mechanical press“? It’s the place from where we ought to start. A machine that employs tremendous pressure to shape or cut materials, compress solids into smaller layers, or force liquids out of containers is called a mechanical press. There is a wide range of sizes … Read more

Forging Press Manufacturer – Guangduan

Forging Press Manufacturer

What Does the  Forging Press Mean? Forging presses exert uniform, uniformly distributed force on a workpiece held in closed die forging by the use of a vertical ram. It’s quite similar to drop forging, although this time the pressure is applied gradually rather than rapidly. The ram’s sluggish motion allows it to reach deeper into … Read more

The Working Principle of a Mechanical Press

The working principle of mechanical press

The Workings of a Mechanical Stamping Press and Their Mechanisms If expanding your business through the purchase of a mechanical stamping press is something you are considering, you should educate yourself on the subject first. Acquiring more expertise in this area will assist in making your company’s operations more effective. What exactly is a mechanical … Read more

Four-column Hydraulic Press – What is it and how does it work?

Four-column hydraulic press

Four-column Hydraulic Press A four-column hydraulic press is a piece of machinery that uses the static pressure of hydraulic oil pumped from a reservoir to process materials including metal, plastic, rubber, wood, and powder. In what way does the four-column hydraulic press work? Hydraulic transmission in a four-column hydraulic press includes the power mechanism, control … Read more

Hydraulic Press Machine Manufacturer – GUANGDUAN

Hydraulic Press Machine Manufacturer

What is a Hydraulic Press Machine Pascal’s principle is used to derive an estimate of the liquid’s static force, and the hydraulic press machine is a piece of machinery that absorbs this force and changes it into the force required for a number of industrial processes. In accordance with the tenets of Pascal’s concept, a … Read more

Hydraulic Extrusion Presses of Extrusion Press


There are many ways of Hydraulic Extrusion Presses manufacturing plastic products, with each process best suited to different applications and materials. In the plastics industry, there are a variety of machines that assist in creating plastic parts. The extrusion press is one such machine that can assist in the production of various types of plastics. … Read more

What is Forge Press?

Forge Press

Forge Press is a new type of publishing company that is built for the digital age. We are a team of experienced book publishing professionals who are passionate about helping authors reach their full potential. We offer a suite of services that are designed to help authors navigate the ever-changing landscape of publishing. What makes … Read more

Where to buy a hydraulic press?

Where to buy a hydraulic press

A hydraulic press is a type of machine that uses pressure to perform tasks, such as compressing something or bending it. Depending on the model and brand, these presses may be called different things. Some common names include Hydraulic Press, Metalworking Press, Sheet-metal Press and Woodworking Press. Each of these names indicates how the press … Read more

Working Mechanism of a Power Press

how hydraulic press machine works

A machine press, also known as a forming press, is a piece of equipment that is utilized in the manufacturing industry for the purpose of pressurized workpiece deformation. Press brakes, punch presses, shop presses, and a wide variety of other presses are some examples of the types of presses that are utilized in the manufacturing … Read more

Applications of Mechanical Press

what is a hydraulic press machine

Here we will discuss the various applications of power presses, as well as the benefits they provide and the precautions that should be taken when using them.What is a mechanical press used for. Applications of Power Presses in Numerous Industries Power presses have a wide variety of applications, some of which include deep drawing, bending, … Read more

How to Calculate Tonnage of Mechanical Press?

how to calculate tonnage of mechanical press

There is a threshold of deformability for every material. For stamping to be successful, the press must overcome this resistance in addition to any other forces acting against the motion of the press. For this reason, a press’s capacity for applying and withstanding force must exceed that required by the forming process. Stampers need to … Read more

What is a mechanical power press?

The working principle of mechanical press

The definition of a Power Press Machine Is as Follows. Let’s begin with the discussion on “What is a mechanical power press”. A machine that employs tremendous pressure to mold or cut materials, squeeze solids into thinner layers, or push liquids out of their containers is referred to as a mechanical press. Presses that use … Read more

How Does a Mechanical Press Work?

how to calculate tonnage of mechanical press

Before learning about “how a mechanical press work”, let’s dive into an explanation of what a mechanical press is. Acquiring a Foundational Understanding of a Mechanical Press Metal is tough to deal with if you don’t have access to big machinery, despite the fact that it is employed in practically every stage of modern manufacturing. … Read more

How Is a Hydraulic Press Machine Made?

how hydraulic press machine works

Before we get into a discussion of how a hydraulic press machine is made, we will first discuss what exactly a hydraulic press machine is and what is it used for.how to make a hydraulic press machine. A hydraulic press is defined as: Simply put, it’s a hydraulically powered mechanical machine used for metal packaging. … Read more

What Is a Hydraulic Press Machine?

what is a hydraulic press machine

A hydraulic press consists of two cylinders that are coupled to one another. Both cylinders contain hydraulic fluid, albeit one is somewhat larger than the other. The bigger cylinder, which is referred to as the Ram, and the smaller cylinder, which is referred to as the Plunger, each has names that are indicative of their … Read more

How does a Hydraulic Press Machine Work?

how hydraulic press machine works

An Explanation of How a Hydraulic Press Works. One of the workhorses of the industrial and manufacturing sector is an apparatus known as a hydraulic press. Although its usefulness and benefits are well-known, only a small percentage of people have a complete understanding of the core concept of how it operates. The operation of a … Read more

GK 2500 Ton Knuckle Joint Precision Forging Press

GK 2500 Ton Knuckle Joint Precision Forging Press The 2500 Ton Knuckle Joint Precision Forging Press is a useful tool for metal forging. It boasts high precision performance, with a control system that ensures highly stable forming pressure. With its low-noise operation, this press is environmentally friendly. Product Features This 2500-ton knuckle joint precision forging … Read more

JH21 Multi-machine Linkage Automatic Production Line

JH21 Multi-machine Linkage The multi-machine linkage technology is one of the important contents of the fusion of mechanical and electronic technology, also known as mechatronics technology. The so-called “multi-machine linkage” refers to a multi-machine or multi-component combination system composed of various types of control objects, sensors and actuators. It was formed by coordinating the actions … Read more

Open Back Double Point Press with Feeder JH25

Open Back Double Point Press with Feeder JH25 Double point presses are a more advanced type of press that allows you to place and press multiple components at once. The process is similar to single point pressing, but instead of placing one component at a time, components are placed on plates called feeders and then … Read more

Midea Thailand Machine Acceptance Completed

Midea Thailand Machine Acceptance 800T H-type hydraulic servo press testing with tooling for washing machine before painting and shipment. Midea Thailand Machine Acceptance is a service for our customers to check whether the machine meets the requirements of safety, dimension, appearance and performance. It will be carried out by experienced technicians in Midea Thailand new … Read more

STPP Double Point Press For Air Conditioner Manufacturer

STPP Double Point Press The STPP double point press for air conditioner manufacturer is mainly used for processing the work pieces of various shapes according to the different requirements of customers. The structure of STPP double point press for air conditioner manufacturer is that the shearing machine and punching machine are mounted on one platform, … Read more

Successful Delivery of GP4-1600-5500-2500


GP4-1600-5500-2500 GP4-1600-5500-2500 STRAIGHT SIDE FOUR-POINT PRECISION MECHANICAL PRESS provides efficiency production capacity for large-scale automobile parts toolings. GP4-1600 Specification Length of stroke 800mm Stroke per min 10~16 SPM Die height range 650~1300 mm Bolster area(FB* LR) 5500 X 2500 mm Slide area(FB* LR) 5500 X 2500 mm Air cushion 150ton + 50ton(Independent adjustment) Machine testing —-Tooling … Read more

12 Large Gantry Servo Hydraulic Presses


Servo Hydraulic Presses An automated servo hydraulic presses production line composed of 12 large gantry servo hydraulic presses with specifications of 12000kN, 8000kN and 6300kN are completed on time and customer’s quality target, with our team’s concerted efforts and working hard. GY2S series gantry fast servo press machine has the advantage of high rigidity for adopting high-quality steel plate welded box-type … Read more

GUANGDUAN 1250-ton Multi-station Press Production Line


GUANGDUAN 1250-ton Multi-station Press Guangduan Company has successfully delivered a 1250-ton multi-station press production line to the automobile industry. The line consists of a double-point 1250-ton multi-station press, an uncoiling and straightening feeding system, a three-axis robot conveying system and a belt discharging system. The double-point 1250-ton multi-station press is designed with a bolster size … Read more

Brief Introduction of Hydraulic Press Machine

how to calculate tonnage of mechanical press

There are many benefits to having a hydraulic press machine in your warehouse. These machines have built-in overload protection, which makes them safer to use. They also produce low noise levels and do not require a trained operator as well as more durable than mechanical presses because their auxiliary equipment is not subject to heavy vibration, shock, or … Read more

How A Hot Forging Machine Works ?


A hot forging machine can be a highly automated process that produces a variety of metal parts. In addition to making metal parts, this machine can produce gear blanks, races for tapered roller bearings, stainless steel flanges, and other parts. The main advantage of a hot forging machine is its ability to accept inexpensive materials … Read more

Power Press Machines In Metal Processing Application


The main purpose of power press machines is to reform sheet metal by applying a compressive force to it. Its main components include a ram, clutch, flywheel, and crankshaft. The work piece is placed on the bed and the ram moves to start the operation. Power presses are widely used in industrial establishments and factories. Every engineering … Read more

Detailed Information About Hydraulic Press


Hydraulic press equipment is an essential tool in any manufacturing plant. It allows users to perform heavy lifting tasks with a relatively low force. The confined liquid in the ram exerts a high compressive force, allowing you to work on a variety of materials. The equipment comes in different styles and sizes, and is widely used … Read more

How Is High Speed Power Press Machine ?

How To Judge A High Speed Power Press Machine ? Judging by the application of high speed precision presses in most of the high speed press manufacturers, the stroke speed is more reasonable than average by taking the average of the low and high strokes of the slider or 10-20% stroke speed bigger. Due to the … Read more

New Large Crane Equipments For Guangduan’s Large Precision

As professional hydraulic press manufacturer, Here we show our gratitude to our customers for buying GuangDuan products. Our orders for large precision presses are constantly increasing. Including 8000KN, 10000KN, 12500KN, 16000KN large closed type double point / four-point precision presses, as well as 10000KN, 12500KN, 16000KN, 25000KN, 30000KN toggle-type precision presses and hot die forging precision presses. … Read more

Welcome To The 130th Canton Fair

Welcome to 130th Canton Fair Form China 2021 GUANGDONG METAL FORMING MACHINE WORKS CO.,LTD. Online live Time: 2021 Oct 15 to 19. 24 hours online More Information:https://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en/news/article/60f812b26f21af36ce5ece62

The 60th Anniversary of The Factory

On August 18, 2018, GUANGDONG METAL FORMING MACHINE WORKS CO., LTD. had witnessed its 60th birthday. People from all walks of life were full of joy and expressed sincere wish to the company. Members of this big family gathered in the flag-raising platform. The Lion Dance Team brought wonderful performances. On behalf of all the … Read more




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