World’s Best Four-Column Double-Acting Hydraulic Press

For All Your Compression Needs: 4-Column Double-Acting Hydraulic Press

For all your compression needs, we offer a selection of hydraulic presses such as the Guangduan Four Column Double Action Hydraulic Press Machine YA28 Series. They are applicable to various metal materials such as steel plates, copper/brass sheets, etc.

The YA28 Series Four Column Double Action Hydraulic Press is made from high-quality materials with advanced technology. The main parts are made of high-strength steel by precision casting and forging process to ensure good durability and reliability of the machine. It has been improved through years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic presses. The operating system is simple, and easy to operate, and maintain.

Pressing force can be controlled accurately by adjusting the speed of the hydraulic oil pump according to different requirements. This machine has a double-acting structure which makes it more powerful than single-acting ones. They have reliable operation performance regardless of different conditions such as temperature changes, dust or vibration, etc.

YA28 Series Four Column Double Action Hydraulic Press Machines have four columns with double-acting cylinders which have a large pressing force and strong rigidity. They can produce high-quality products with no distortion or deformation due to their stable structure.

Four-Column Double-Acting Hydraulic Press: Technology

The hydraulic oil is distributed to the upper or lower chamber of the cylinder through each check valve and relief valve, and the cylinder is moved from a high position. A hydraulic press is a device that uses liquid to transmit pressure. When a liquid transmits pressure in an airtight container, it obeys Pascal’s law. The pressure in an enclosed space is equal to the force applied by all the walls of this space.

Four-column double-acting hydraulic presses use two pairs of double-acting cylinders to achieve double action of the displacement stroke. The displacement stroke is obtained by using two pairs of double-acting cylinders. The force applied on one side of a cylinder causes movement in both directions (up and down) so that there are four columns of cylinders in total.

Four-column double-acting hydraulic press

The press has an oil reservoir with high pressure, which maintains pressure in each cylinder. Each cylinder is connected by means of the shaft with another pair of cylinders. Each pair has its own coil spring, which can be compressed when the cylinder moves up or down. When one pair is compressed and moves up (or down), all other pairs move upwards (or downwards). This increases the force exerted on each pair of cylinders, increasing pressure further on each column and increasing production capacity.

What Can A Four-Column Double-Acting Hydraulic Press Do?

Hydraulic presses are the most commonly used tool for pressing parts and materials. They are used in industries like automotive, aerospace, and construction, among others.

The main advantage of using hydraulic presses is that they can exert more pressure than conventional mechanical presses. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty applications such as extrusion and forging. The force generated by a hydraulic press is also uniform throughout the stroke of the piston rod, which means there will be no sudden increase or decrease in pressure at any point during the process.

Here are some of the things a four-column double-acting hydraulic press can do:

1. Bending Workpieces

The four-column double-acting hydraulic press is an excellent tool for bending work pieces. It’s ideal for making curved parts or parts with complex shapes, such as gears and shafts. The pressure is applied evenly across the entire surface of the workpiece, so there’s no danger of damaging it by applying too much force in one area.

You can also use this machine to bend sheet metal into curved shapes, such as an ornate crown molding or a decorative handle for a cabinet or door. You can even bend flat steel plates into curved shapes by using them as an adjustable bending brake!

2. Forming parts with precision

If you need to form an irregularly shaped part with precision, then you’re going to want to use a four-column double-acting hydraulic press. This tool can shape materials like sheet metal and plastic faster than many other types of machines because there’s no need for fixturing or holding devices.

3. Creating custom shapes from scratch

If you need a custom shape that isn’t available commercially, then a four-column double-acting hydraulic press will let you create it from scratch. By using this machine, you can make sure that your custom shape meets all of your specifications and needs exactly as they are stated in your design document.

Things You Know About Four-Column Double-Acting Hydraulic Press

There are a lot of things that you need to know about how to buy a hydraulic press. If you are planning to buy a hydraulic press, there are some things that you should know. Here are some of the things that you should know before buying a hydraulic press:

The first thing that you need to know is what size of hydraulic press you need. The size of your machine will depend on how much weight it needs to press, how many parts can fit into it and how much pressure it needs for different types of materials.

You also need to consider the type of material that will be pressed by your machine. There are two types of materials that can be pressed by this machine: solid and liquid materials. Solid materials include metal parts while liquid materials include liquids like oil, water, and other fluids. You have to make sure that your machine is able to handle both types of materials before buying one because not all hydraulic presses can handle both types of materials at once.

When you need a hydraulic press that can handle heavy loads, it’s best to get Guangduan Four Column Double Action Hydraulic Press Machine YA28 Series. These presses are designed to provide maximum force and stability while preventing tipping. Here are a few things you can expect from this type of hydraulic press:

  • Maximum force – The four columns provide more stability than three-column models, allowing for heavier loads and increased force.
  • Easy assembly – The four columns are bolted together and then bolted to the base plate for easy assembly.
  • Minimum maintenance – There are no bearings or other moving parts on the frame, so little maintenance is required.




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