High-Speed Stamping Machine Made Form Guangduan

1. High-Speed Stamping Machine Introduction

A high-speed stamping machine is a kind of machine tool for shaping or forming sheet metal or other materials into parts by means of a die. The High-Speed Stamping Machine is a versatile machine, which can be used for many different applications such as coin stamping, badge stamping, phone card stamping and credit card marking, etc.

The machine has been designed to work at the highest possible speed with high accuracy. It uses a hydraulic pressure system to press the stamp head onto the metal plate and therefore it requires no electricity or air source to operate. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular among large factories that use it on a daily basis.

Guangduan is a professional manufacturer of high-speed stamping machines in China, with thousands of successful projects at home and abroad. We have a complete set of advanced equipment, technology, and skilled workers to provide you with better service. Our products include high-speed stamping machines, hot stamping machines, cold stamping machines, die-cutting machines, blanking press machines, and so on.

Our products are widely used in the automotive parts processing industry and other industries such as the auto parts manufacturing industry, electrical appliance manufacturing industry, hardware manufacturing industry, and so on.

2. High-Speed Stamping Machine Configuration

The high-speed stamping machine consists of a frame, the die head, and the clamping device, which is used to clamp the workpiece during stamping. The frame consists of a base and two side frames connected by four columns.

The side frames are equipped with guide rails on both sides to ensure the smooth movement of stamping tools. The die head is made up of a die carrier and a die head holder, which can be replaced by different size dies according to different specifications.

The clamping device consists of an upper slide bar, a lower slide bar, and a rod bracket connecting them together. The upper slide bar has two tracks on each side to move up and down with two motors respectively; meanwhile, the lower slide bar has two tracks on each side for moving up and down with two motors respectively.

The rod bracket connects both sides of the upper slide bar and lower slide bar together. It has three pairs of driving rods on both sides respectively so as to drive these two tracks simultaneously when working at high speed.

3. High-Speed Stamping Machine Performance Feature

High-speed stamping machine

Guangduan high-speed stamping machine has a high speed and strong power, it is suitable for the large capacity of high-speed stamping production. It can be used for various stamping operations such as small parts stamping and high-speed stamping. The machine can also be used for non-ferrous metal bending and pressing, such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, brass, and iron material.

  • – The independent circuit design is applied for all electrical components of the machine, which are controlled by PLC.
  • – The spindle speed is controlled by the inverter. High productivity with short set-up times.
  • – The latest double worktable structure is used to decrease the oil and gas time.
  • – The machine adopts a centralized lubricating system to reduce the wear and tear of spare parts and to extend their service life.
  • – The clutch employs hydraulic control to ensure reliable transmission, low noise, low energy consumption, and light operation.

4. High-Speed Stamping Machine System

Guangduan high-speed stamping press machine is built by our company, which is a professional manufacturer of metal stamping parts for more than 60 years. Guangduan has a strong R&D team and advanced production equipment, so it can provide customers with high-quality products and excellent services.

The High-Speed Stamping Machine is a complete solution for all your stamping needs. It can be used to produce a wide range of products, such as packaging boxes, medical devices, electronic components, and more.

The High-Speed Stamping Machine is the ideal choice for companies that need to stamp large batches of parts with consistent quality, but don’t have the budget or space to invest in a dedicated stamping press machine. The High-Speed Stamping Machine System allows you to quickly and easily set up your own manufacturing line for high-volume orders, whether they’re made from metal or plastic material.

Stamping press:

This is the main piece of machinery that will be used for the production process. It includes hydraulic cylinders that provide downward force onto the sheet metal being stamped, causing it to bend into shape or form a hole in its surface. The press is equipped with various tools that can be added depending on what type of part you’re trying to produce.

Shearing station:

This tool cuts sheets down into smaller pieces that can then be fed through other machines within the system. For example, if you were producing car doors for an automobile assembly line, this machine would cut them down into individual pieces so they could be assembled together later on in the process.

5. Advantages of High-Speed Stamping Machine

High-speed stamping presses machines have a large forming force and fast speed, generally 100-200 times higher than that of the CNC punching machine, the highest forming speed can reach 2000 mm/s.

The maximum precision is up to 0.01 mm, and the general precision is 0.05 mm. In addition, the punching materials have wide applicability and can be applied to carbon steel plates, alloy steel plates, stainless steel plates, aluminum-magnesium alloy plates, copper plates, and other metal materials below 6mm thickness.

Precise and stable stamping process:

The structure of the high-speed stamping machine is reasonable. Compared to an ordinary stamping machine, the structure of a high-speed stamping machine is reasonable and reasonable, which makes it more stable in use and has better durability.

It can produce the same high-quality stamped products with high accuracy and repeatability, which is a key factor to improve the quality and efficiency of production.

High productivity:

A high-speed stamping machine can stamp metal sheets continuously. The output is large, and it can meet the requirement of mass production. It can also save labor costs and improve efficiency.

Compared with the traditional manual stamping process, it can increase production speed by 2 times or even 3 times, which greatly improves the efficiency of production and reduces costs.

Long service life

The high-speed stamping machine has a longer service life than other machines. Its mechanical properties are good, its performance is stable and reliable, and it has many advantages such as no vibration, no noise, etc., which make it easy to operate smoothly.

The operation process will be more stable with fewer errors compared with the manual operation method, so it can reduce the quality of products or increase the defective rate in a short time.

Low manual labor requirement:

It requires less manpower than the traditional manual stamping process, which saves time and money on labor costs.

6. Applications of High-Speed Stamping Machine

A high-speed stamping machine is a kind of stamping machine that is used to stamp out metal parts. The high-speed stamping machine can be used in many industries, such as aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, and so on.

At present, the market demand for high-speed stamping machines has been rapid development. As a professional manufacturer of high-speed stamping machines, Guangduan has built a complete set of production lines to meet customers’ different needs.

In the past few years, with the development of science and technology, there have been many new products launched by enterprises. In addition to traditional low-end products, many companies have begun to produce high-end products with more advanced technology and better quality. In the future industry development trend, the demand for high-quality products will continue to increase.

High-speed stamping machine is widely used in electronics, auto parts, food, hardware, and other industries. High-speed stamping machine is widely used in electronics, auto parts, food, hardware, and other industries.

  • Used for processing steel products, such as automobiles, all kinds of vehicles, trains, and ships.
  • Used for processing nonferrous metals (such as aluminum alloy), plastic materials (such as ABS plastic), and composite materials (such as carbon fiber).
  • Used for processing other materials such as rubber, ceramics, etc.
  • Used to press various parts of electronic products, such as circuit boards, connectors, and so on.
  • Used to make various parts of mechanical equipment and instruments.


High-speed stamping machines reduce the time needed for product manufacturing and achieve better quality. A stamping machine is a versatile machine and applicable to high-volume stamping parts, precision stamping parts, and thin stamped parts. Also, it can be used for a variety of metal-forming jobs as it is easily adjusted for angle, radius dimensions, and other features.

Nowadays the quality of this product is ever improving in many aspects like a long lifetime, easy tuning, easy operation and etc. If you want to know more about high-speed stamping machines made in Guangduan, hope our factory can offer you the most professional and nice service.




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