What is Forge Press?

Forge Press

Forge Press is a new type of publishing company that is built for the digital age. We are a team of experienced book publishing professionals who are passionate about helping authors reach their full potential. We offer a suite of services that are designed to help authors navigate the ever-changing landscape of publishing. What makes Forge Press different than other publishing companies? Forge Press is a free and open source project that integrates directly with your existing CMS. It is a static site generator — a tool that takes content in one format and generates another static type of output. Static site generators are an alternative to dynamic CMS sites, especially when: – You want more control over your design – You have very high traffic (dynamic sites can be slow) – Your site needs to be indexed by search engines as non-dynamic sites usually aren’t – You want to optimize performance or load times – This list could go on, but you get the idea. Forge Press will let you build sites faster than using a dynamic CMS like WordPress or Drupal. Within minutes, you can set up your new static site with all your content exactly how you want it. Let’s take a look at what makes Forge Press special.

What is Forge Press?

Forge Press is a static site generator for creating modern CMS-free websites. It has been in development since 2016 and is written in the Go programming language. It is an open source project that is hosted on GitHub, with a growing community of contributors. Forge Press is a fork of the open source project Hugo, which is a static site generator that supports themes and plug-ins and has a great deal of flexibility. The Forge Press authoring experience is powered by the static site generator Hugo. You can use Forge Press to build modern and responsive websites that are fast and SEO-friendly. Forge Press can work with any type of content, including articles, blog posts, press releases, product pages, and more. You can use Forge Press to create static websites, hybrid websites, or as a part of a multi-site content management system.

How does Forge Press work?

Forge Press is a static site generator that uses the Go programming language. It uses the Hugo content management system to build websites. There is no server-side code, so there is no backend to manage or hosting to configure. Forge Press works best with a static site hosting platform like Netlify. Content is hosted on GitHub, and Netlify serves the site from there. That means there’s no CMS to install or any configuration needed. You can start building in minutes.

Why use a static site generator?

Static site generators have come a long way since the early days of blogging when they were used to generate simple HTML pages. Static site generators have many advantages over dynamic content management systems, such as: – Sites built with static site generators are fast to load and easy to scale. – Static site generators are lightweight, easy to host, and don’t require a database to store content. – Static site generators are easy to customize and integrate well with other tools. – Static site generators are safer than dynamic CMSes. – Static site generators are simpler to use than dynamic CMSes. – Static site generators are often easier to search engine optimize than dynamic CMSes.

Installing and configuring Forge Press

This section covers the general installation and configuration for Forge Press. For specific instructions for your site and CMS, as well as how to use the Forge Press authoring experience, see the section below. Installing Forge Press – First, you need to download and install Forge Press. You can find installation instructions on the Forge Press website. You can also contribute to the project by contributing to the GitHub repo and submitting issues. Configuring Forge Press – Next, you need to configure the site. The site configuration is done in the “config.toml” file. You can find instructions on configuring Forge Press on the GitHub page. You can also contribute to the project by submitting issues and suggestions.

Build responsive sites with ease

With Forge Press, you can build responsive websites with ease. You can set the individual breakpoints for your site, choose the type of navigation you want to use, and choose the design that best suits the content.

The Future of Forge Press

Forge Press is currently in beta, and the developers are planning to release the full version of the project in the coming months. The current beta version of Forge Press is feature-complete, so you can use it to build websites. When the full version is released, Forge Press will be available in two versions. Forge Press for Personal Bloggers is intended for people who want to build a single website. Forge Press for Publishers is designed for companies who want to build a network of related websites. The developers behind Forge Press are also planning to add more features to the project in the future. They want to add support for creating newsletters, for example, and offer more functionality for advanced users.


Static site generators are increasingly being adopted as a more modern approach to building websites. Static site generators are easy to use, fast, and scalable. They are also lightweight and safer than dynamic content management systems. Forge Press is a powerful new open source project that makes it easy to build modern and responsive websites with zero maintenance.




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